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The North Sense

The First Sense Created For People By People

The North Sense
  • Acquire a new ability

    Sense the continuous flow of the electromagnetic field of the planet.

  • Evolve into a Cyborg

    Permanently anchored body part.

  • Use Pioneering Technology

    Always on. Continuously converts a stream of raw data into a signal that is processed by the mind.  

  • Intelligently Designed

    No lights.  No buttons.  No sounds.   No screen.

What is The North Sense?

The North Sense is a new intelligently designed sense connecting people to the earth’s magnetic field. This sense is common in the animal kingdom and deeply rooted in human traditions. A sense is something that is always on and creates your perception of reality. This is very different from a tool, such as a compass, that is used only when needed. The North Sense is a permanent part of you and adds a new layer of connection and meaning to your life. When you finish a conversation, you don’t take your ears off and put them in your pocket. They are a sense that is continuously gathering information. Having the North Sense will gradually enhance your memories, thoughts and the way you experience the world.

The New Cyborgs React

A transforming experience

Join the pioneering people that ordered the North Sense and have already begun the process of becoming cyborgs.

  • Neil Harbisson

    "Beware not to use the future as an excuse to ignore living in the present."

  • Liviu Babitz CEO & Co Founder.

    "Our senses bind together to create multi-dimensional memories, so a particular room at home, a beach we visited as a child or an incredible music festival will fuse colours, smells, sensations such as the fabric of the sofa or the cool grass. New memories you make can now also be informed by a deeper connection to the space, the planet - your orientation."

  • Scott Cohen - Co Founder

    "It is hard to put into words only a few hours after attaching the North Sense but the feeling I am left with is profound.  The impact of immediately sensing my position created a permanent memory.  I vaguely recall the colours and sounds in the room but I remember my position vividly."