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Scientists to Study the North Sense

Scientists to Study the North Sense

Adding an extra sense to the human body is a big deal, and academics want to know more.

Researchers from Ravensbourne, LSE and Central St. Martins are carrying out a study to measure the impact of the North Sense. This aims to bring deeper academic insight to a field that has seen little attention - until now.  

The Cyborg Nest community is unique. We are made up of people that have chosen to expand our perception of the world.

Almost every day I wonder: was that decision influenced by my North Sense? Rolling out my yoga mat, choosing a chair at a table...does my new ability to perceive orientation have anything to do with my choices?

We are excited to find out what the study will reveal, and how our experiences compare across such a diverse range of users. It will also tackle a range of ethical, legal and political grey areas which may open up space for the North Sense in the parameters of what is considered ‘human’ in 2017 and beyond.

If you are a North Sense user and would like to be involved in the study, please get in touch to register your interest.

Happy Birthday North Sense!

Happy Birthday North Sense!

What’s going to happen?

Who’s going to join?

Who are the people that are going to be part of this?

One year later and it's time to celebrate by saying some special Thank You's...

Nobody knows I have an extra sense

Nobody knows I have an extra sense

Our ability to sense things forms the core of every experience, but the five senses we have do not truly maximise our experience of the world. They are not even close.

There are things we cannot hear, see, touch, taste or smell. When we think we have established our environment, we have merely accessed a fraction.