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365 Days of North Sense

365 Days of North Sense

One year ago today the North Sense was attached to the human body for the first time. It was an exciting, challenging and slightly surreal moment for all of us as we entered into the unknown.

We arrive, 365 days later, to review the impact of this life-changing device. It would have been almost impossible to accurately predict the effects of the North Sense, but some of our speculations seem to be gradually taking place. The most exciting part is that this is just the beginning, and it has been amazing. 

Check out these short interviews with Scott and Liviu featuring their personal reflections on their first year of wearing the North Sense. It’s been fun, stressful and sometimes unpredictable - definitely worth watching.  

Since this is also a year end for us all, we want to again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support, kindness and words of wisdom we heard from you. We wish you a happy new year and we promise you an even more exciting 2018!