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Captured. In my brain.

Captured. In my brain.

Click.  Why do we take photos?  We don’t want to hope we remember.  We want to make sure we remember.  We create a memory with intention that can be triggered every time we look at the photo.  

I remember when I was film student studying cinema.  Phones with digital cameras were just hitting the market. Who would even use one of those? The students at my school couldn’t even consider the possibility that film would no longer exist.  “Look at the poor quality.” They all said it.  “You can’t print them.”   “How would you even share them?”  Well…it turns out they were wrong. 

Photography was never about the quality nor the paper it was printed on. It was all about creating memories. And then sharing those memories.  We love our memories. And suddenly we could create more of them. The digital camera expanded our ability to create memories. 

Last weekend, in Clissold Park near my house in London, I held my son Julian’s hand. I wanted to deliberately create a memory before my first trip abroad with the North Sense. We turned together until we faced North. My North Sense buzzed in my chest.  Click. Memory created.