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Cyborgs Spread Across the Globe

Cyborgs Spread Across the Globe

Intelligently Designed Senses Ship -

Press release as sent out by Cyborg Nest on Feb 16th 2017, the day we started shipping the first North Senses to their new owners. 

The first pioneering people that pre-ordered the world’s first intelligently designed sense, named the North Sense, will start to receive their North Senses and begin the process of transforming into cyborgs immediately.

On Monday CNBC quoted Elon Musk speaking from Dubai saying that “Humans must someday merge with machines to avoid becoming obsolete.”  Well, Elon, that day is today.

Liviu Babitz and Scott Cohen, two of the founders of the Cyborg Nest, permanently attached the innovative North Sense to their bodies at a first of a kind event in London on December 14th.  The North Sense is a new intelligently designed organ that is permanently anchored to the body so that people can sense the Earth’s magnetic field. 

 “Life will be much more exciting when we stop creating applications for mobile phones and we start creating applications for our own body.”  - Neil Harbisson, co-founder of Cyborg Nest and first human recognized by a government (UK) as a cyborg. 

The North Sense gently vibrates each time the person faces magnetic north.  This simple function unlocks the power of the human brain by creating new neural pathways.  Think of it as the opposite of artificial intelligence.  All the processing happens in the human brain. 

"Today is the culmination of a huge amount of effort from a global team of designers, engineers and developers.  From inception to shipping in less than one year is a phenomenal achievement.  I am so honored that there are brave people in this world willing to push the boundaries of humankind.” - Scott Cohen

 “As knowledge is at our fingertips, it’s now time to challenge and feed our curiosity beyond what we were born with, and by adding new senses, unveil new layers of the unknown.” – Liviu Babitz


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