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My first week as an enhanced human - a cyborg.

My first week as an enhanced human - a cyborg.

I wish I could take you all back to midnight of Tuesday the 13th of December, 10 hours before the launch event on Wednesday morning. I was waiting on the street in front of Scott’s flat, checking each car coming if it is him, with the senses he was bringing from the US. At this stage everybody was exhausted, the tension was high and I knew I am standing in front of the moment of truth, the moment we take the senses out of the box and put them on. Will it work? Will it fit? What if not…And another car is slicing the London night…but still not him.

Today it is exactly a week since those moments. The next memory I have of that night is me and Scott turning around like two little children in his living room. As Scott says, ‘I don’t remember what I was wearing, what smells surrounded me, noises, nothing, except one thing; that little vibration each time we turned north.’ 

This wasn’t just a moment of joy and success, that was the first time North Sense had an impact on our lives, the memory created regarding his flat’s orientation with Earth’s Magnetic field will be forever imprinted in our memory. Boom, it works. Maybe I didn’t understand this as it happened, but since in the last week I remember almost each space I visited also by the ordination of it, it all makes sense. Many moments, many little maps, with time they will start combining into a big one. Very Cool.  

Another understanding was that North Sense will not only have direct impact driven by it, but will also impact the whole sensory equation and enhance it. The coin dropped while in the underground. The ride in the big underground worm is always followed by a misleading feeling you are driving straight. Not anymore, each vibration helps you understand how much you changed direction since the last one. This is only the first layer, but how will this impact our other senses? If with time we will use less of the eyes capacity to orientate, could this capacity be used now to focus or develop new dimensions of our sight? 

We do not know, we learn, explore, soon together with you all. This couldn't be more exciting. It is now only a week but North Sense feels already as a part of me. As we said today, it calms us knowing we have it on. We know this is only the beginning and the road is long, the impact will just amplify with time, and we have patience, we enjoy every moment of it. People ask me if I feel I am Cyborg. I am becoming an enhanced human, a cyborg, but I feel I am Liviu. I attached North Sense to my body to add, to explore, and it feels like we are on the right path. 

That night of Dec 13th will never be forgotten, and now I know that for good reasons. Sometimes in life you have to decide you go for something…and just go for it. 


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