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The Countdown begins!

The Countdown begins!

Our friends,

We are proud to announce that the countdown begins. In 10 days we start shipping the first North Senses! Your decision to jump on this train just as it started moving was a bold move.

This is a big step.  You are among the first people in the world to own an artificial sense.  We are the first generation to take control and design our own evolution. The universe is vast and we want to sense more of it.  We want to connect on a deeper level to our planet and the people around us.

Some of you were right to wonder why the development took longer than expected and it was heartwarming to know that through all the technical delays as we worked to perfect the North Sense every one of you stuck with us.  We can’t thank you enough.  You are a strong supportive community. 

We are going to be shipping in batches.  The first wave of North Senses will ship on February 16th and by the end of the month the last of the pre-orders will be boxed and out the door.

It is important to remember that the shipping is just the beginning.  Connecting to the North Sense is a journey and it takes commitment.  This is not plug and play.  You need to get the anchors put in first and then wait.  Wait for them to heal before attaching the North Sense.  We will be giving everyone detailed instructions and we are available to phone, Facetime, Skype video, email, etc.  We will work with you to make sure the process works smoothly. 

We have also been thinking that we should hold some type of event.  Maybe we pick a day in June to celebrate all the people that have connected the North Sense.  If you have any ideas let us know.

It is really hard to contain our excitement.  This is a truly special moment.  Let’s show the world what we have done together.

Thanks a million, 

Liviu and Scott

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