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In a relationship, first there are two separate parts, then they become one. In the last week I realised there is something happening between my brain and North Sense. 

I was walking down the street coming from a place I wasn't too familiar with, lead by a rough idea of the direction I needed to go to in order to get back home. Since I was walking with my son, I didn't want to focus my attention on a navigation app, and although North Sense is not here to solve navigation problems, I decided to use it as a guidance to the general direction I need to go to. I slightly turned and I felt the earth magnetic field vibration in my chest. 

At first, instead of it helping me, it really confused me. It didn't ‘look’ to me like the right direction, because my memory pulled out some info, processed it and decided that the north is somewhere about 45 degrees from where the North Sense was showing me. The first instinct was to decide North Sense is wrong and I kept walking in the direction I thought to. But not for long. 

After few steps I understood I was wrong, and my brain and North Sense are having a first trust issue. My brain thought something, and although the same brain knows North Sense is accurate, it decided that probably at that specific moment it was wrong, cause “How could I be wrong?” You know that feeling? Ha! I was very wrong! And North Sense was very right, why wouldn't it, it is pretty precise. The reason I didn't trust it, was because it touched my confidence and what “I know”. We usually don't like when that happens. don’t we… 

While repeating this situation in the last days, the feeling kept on repeating itself, but I can see the change, the trust is slowly being built, and the intensity of this normal lack of trust decreases. This is fascinating, but when one thinks about it, why wouldn't it happen? At this stage we are used to trust tech when it is still relatively far from us, and certainly not a part of our body. Trusting a search engine to give a shown answer on a screen is easy, cause the tech is ‘there’ and I am here, it is still my decision if to ignore it. Not in our case, as long as it is On, North Sense is a part of you.

No, that doesn't mean tech takes over my life, that I am doomed, the end of my human life…I feel I have a new friend, a new part in my life to learn and develop from, a deeper connection to nature and myself. It doesn’t control me, I am happy to accept it as I understand the benefits of it. A new era, the relationship between humans and tech is a reality, not a future. Don’t ask yourself if you want to be a part of it, the right question is how soon you want to join, and don't think you know, be curios to know more. 

2016 ends, and on a personal level, this has been an amazing year. We truly worked hard, motivated by huge passion, and even if some parts were extremely hard, we enjoyed the challenges and managed them very well. A big Thank You to all the amazing partners in this journey, the dear engineers, Scott, Steve, Neil, Moon and many others. Above all, to all of you amazing people who jumped on this train with us, I have many of your faces and names in my mind 24/7, and that gives a HUGE boost and feels as the fuel for this journey, we really couldn't appreciate more. 

Dear friends, by being a part of this, I deeply feel the same trust I wrote about in this blog, also built itself here, between you and us. We do not take this for granted, we deeply Thank You again. 

Happy New Year! 

Yours, Liviu  

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