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We are sold out. Thank You!

We are sold out. Thank You!

343 days, nearly 300 North Senses and 27 countries later, we have reached a milestone.

When we started developing the North Sense it was difficult to imagine that it would attract the attention of ten people, let alone hundreds. Yet as the idea turned into reality, the North Sense has outperformed all expectations.

Our initial vision for the North Sense was that it would demonstrate the need to change the way we use technology. It would give people the ability to sense beyond what we naturally perceive. By the amazing response we have had, it seems as though the time is right to embrace this avenue of technological innovation.

We want to thank you for being a part of this. The diversity, openness and fascinating backgrounds of all that have helped us reach this point has been truly inspiring.

Although we have enjoyed an unexpected level of success, the first chapter is drawing to a close. As of today we will no longer be selling the North Sense. Going forward we will be spending time getting to know our growing community and planning the next stages of this journey. Want to get involved? Join us here.

Watch this space!