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The North Sense Experience - Are you In or Out?

Our perception of reality is incredibly narrow. It omits a whole series of phenomena occurring all around us, every day.

You are interested in the future of humanity and the challenges we face. Instead of fighting a closer relationship with technology, you want to embrace it. Over the years you have discovered and followed visionaries such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and maybe Stelarc.
As someone with an experimental and enquiring mind, you cannot help but think: how can I be part of the excitement? How can I be part of something meaningful in terms of my experience at this point in time?
It seems like cyborgism, augmentation and AI are hot topics right now, but nobody in your circle is actually taking any steps to advance themselves.

Curious, you are browsing online and you stumble upon something about an ‘exo-sense’. “What is that?

The thought of an extra sense is not like a superhero enhancement - it is something quite different. You realise it is about peeling back barriers to our connection with the natural world. Seeing the unseen.

I like it. This feels unreal as you discover a community of people not all that different to you are all living with an extra sense.
“Wow. Can I do this too?” This is unbelievable...almost.

How can you even begin to understand how it might feel to have an extra sense added to your body? Unless you try it for yourself. You read on.

With a jolt, you realise that you can be part of this. There is nothing holding you back. You fight the irrational voice in your head that fears the extraordinary.
You sleep on it, but your curiosity will not let it go.
Your heart rate rises as you decide to take the leap. You have no idea how this will impact upon your life, but it’s thrilling. Next time you see your reflection you think about where you might position your new sense.

This is not simply a biohacking trend. This step is opening the door to something completely different.
Your North Sense arrives and you open the box. In the palm of your hand is your new sense, the gateway to expanding the human experience.

It’s time to get the anchoring system attached and it feels like a special day. No more messing about with medical tape!

You know where you want your North Sense to sit and you trust the person who is going to attach the anchoring system.
The piercer is pulling on their medical gloves and selecting the sterilised tools they will need for the procedure. You feel the intense pinch of the skin and take a deep breath. On breathing out the needle punctures the skin and the anchoring system is inserted. That's one side done.

More than anything you just want to attach the North Sense, but you must let the anchoring system heal.
Like when you’re a child, and you are investigating the world around you, there is something very playful and pure about the process of modifying your body.

Taking your morning commute becomes exploration, and you find yourself spinning around, seeing how places you thought were familiar have suddenly gained a new identity in your mind.
People see it. Some say nothing, others are fascinated.

How was your perception of reality anything less than this?

Welcome to the North Sense community - only a few hundred people currently share this experience. And you were here from the beginning.
Join a growing community of pioneers designing their own Evolution
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