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You are about to become more
We know that there is more around us than our senses can detect. We design new senses to feel some of this. The reason is simple. Adding more senses creates a richer life experience.
What is The North Sense?
The North Sense provides the ability to sense the magnetic field of the planet. Knowing where north is has had great significance for humans across cultures such as the Feng Shui, Religions, Yoga, the Native Americans and any other corner of our history.
How does it work?
Two specially designed titanium bars are inserted under the skin and act as the anchoring system. The North Sense attaches to the bars and vibrates whenever facing the magnetic north.

This is very different from a tool, such as a compass, that is used only when needed. When you finish a conversation, you don’t take your ears off and put them in your pocket. They are a sense that is continuously delivering a stream of information that your brain interprets.

Having the North Sense will gradually enhance your memories, thoughts and the way you experience the world. A fusion between nature, traditions and the tech of the future.