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It's not the technology.
It's the journey.

So What is The North Sense? Knowing where north is has had great significance for humans across cultures (Feng Shui, Religions, Yoga, Native Americans and any other corner of our history). Speakers of the Australian language Guugu Yimithirr explain all locations using cardinal points (rather than left and right), and yet it’s always been something that we discover, rather than sense directly.

The North Sense is a new intelligently designed sense gently vibrating to notify you face the earth’s magnetic field’s North. This sense is also common in the animal kingdom and is always ON and adding to your perception of reality. This is very different from a tool, such as a compass, that is used only when needed. When you finish a conversation, you don’t take your ears off and put them in your pocket. They are a sense that is continuously gathering information.

In the design and manufacturing process we involved world experts to ensure a unique first of it’s kind experience. The North Sense is less than a 1sq inch miniature piece of technology, it is water resistant and made from the highest quality materials. Fitting it to your body is very simple and will be done at your local professional body piercing studio.

Having the North Sense will gradually enhance your memories, thoughts and the way you experience the world. A fusion between nature, traditions and the tech of the future.

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